PasswordMaker gets Profiles, more options, probably some bugs

Update 20 May 2020: happily there do not seem to be any big bugs – hooray for unit tests! – and v2 is now live for everyone in the mobile app stores. Downloads and general info here.

I’ve written before about why I think deterministic password making is a good fit for many use cases. And I launched Webful PasswordMaker last year to bring a long-standing hashing approach to a modern mobile app.

Today I’m happy to say version 2 of the Webful PasswordMaker mobile app is beta-ready on both platforms. It adds opt-in support for multiple Profiles, plus lots more options for the password-making logic if you want them.

As well as better compatibility with other extensions and apps, a key benefit here is to help you standardise some of the occasional workarounds you might need for certain sites’ policies as mentioned in that post. Hopefully another step towards enabling you to keep your passwords safe without needing a centralised service.

As we close in on a stable v2 release I’d love your help with final beta testing. And of course I’ll be keeping an eye out for feedback even after this version is deemed stable. Please let me know what you think!

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