Escape from FOSUserBundle

Sometimes even great open source packages just fall off the maintenance wagon. FOSUserBundle, a historic go-to for the Symfony community, is sadly looking like one of those cases right now. Behind on updates for modern, long-term support Symfony versions, with calls to reconsider its pervasiveness going back at least as far as 2016, it’s no wonder there are questions about a migration path.

Unfortunately many of the problems with the bundle’s design – being very tightly coupled to the parent framework while not necessarily keeping up with its best practice – also preclude writing a good general purpose migration guide. But I’m hoping by documenting the biggest changes I had to make for my project to get out of FOSUserPrison, I can slightly reduce the time it takes to migrate some other projects.

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PasswordMaker gets Profiles, more options, probably some bugs

Update 20 May 2020: happily there do not seem to be any big bugs – hooray for unit tests! – and v2 is now live for everyone in the mobile app stores. Downloads and general info here.

I’ve written before about why I think deterministic password making is a good fit for many use cases. And I launched Webful PasswordMaker last year to bring a long-standing hashing approach to a modern mobile app.

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CircleCI + Jira build reporting integration

To look at both vendors’ pages on the topic, you would think the integration between CircleCI and Atlassian Jira‘s cloud products was easy and well supported at this stage. But having tried to follow the public docs to set this up today, my experience says otherwise.

I’m proposing a pull request to help improve CircleCI’s side of the docs, but in the mean time, here’s the extra info I wish I’d had to get this working quickly.

Update: this is now merged and the official docs updated! 🙂 Though hopefully if you too use a runner image that requires the same token setup steps as mine, the below steps may still save you a little time.

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Ionic e2e tests – scroll to your goal

Another slightly niche tip on end-to-end testing with the latest Ionic – 4.x stable as of this post. Maybe it’s obvious to more seasoned JS testers, but I struggled to find all the info in one place to successfully implement a test that needs to scroll content in an Ionic app. (I would assume a similar approach will also work when using Protractor with any other modern Angular app.)

The specific scenario? You’ve got a ‘thing’ your test needs to click, but it’s a scroll / drag away. It might technically be in the viewport, but below something else, like Ionic’s tab bar. Seems like a relatively common occurrence, and one that should be simple to deal with in your test.

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